Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Long Day in the Sun–Saturday 26th September

This morning we set off to travel one mile so that I could walk up the hill and along a track into Welford village to get June a Saturday Paper. There were magnificent views from the hill over Stanford Reservoir and away in the distance Rugby.  The clear blue and cloudless sky made the view even better.


We had previously entered Welford from the canal arm and as it turned out not really explored it, for there is far more of the village up the hill and around the church and village hall which is where the track took me. As well as many older properties there are several new thatched cottages which back onto the church plus a pub and garage. The walk was actually longer than I had initially though taking about 45 mins to get to the shop it did not seem so long on the way back. As I left the farm track to go across the fields I met a lady with a black Labrador who it turned had been speaking to June as she had done a circular walk which took her along the canal and back up the track I had taken.


The weather was so nice and the spot we had moored just right that we decided to stop there over night so that we could enjoy the sunshine and relax. I polished the port side of the boat whilst June baked a cake. During the day we were treated to our own air display including a Microlites, By-planes,  Gliders, and Helicopters as well as the normal private light aircraft

Just before dinner I took Tiana another walk this time along the canal to Welford Junction where we were in time to see a Dutch Narrow boat turn into the arm. There was plenty of mooring on the main line just before the arm. After dinner we watched England loose to Wales in a thrilling game of rugby.


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