Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Kingfisher Bonanza - Wednesday 30th September

A lovely warm sunny morning as we walked into Market Harborough where June bought a couple of tops she had seen on Monday. We also called in Sainsbury’s for a few last minute items and noticed that there is also a Waitrose and Aldi on the other side of the car park.

The centre of the town is dominated by the steeple of St. Dionysius Parish Church which rises directly from the street, as there is no church yard. It was constructed in grey stone in 1300 with the church itself a later building of about 1470. Next to the church stands the Old Grammar School, a small timber building dating from 1614. The ground floor is open, creating a covered market area and there is a single room on the first floor. It has become a symbol of the town.

Back at the boat we had coffee before making our way back up the arm towards Foxton.


We passed about 5 boats coming the other way and then followed a Kingfisher for about a mile. He kept just in front of the bow flying low along the water and then up into an overhanging branches. These young bullocks just stopped drinking as we passed and they gave us a very quizzical stare.


June dropped me off to operate the two swing bridges towards the junction and manouvered the boat through them picking me up again on the other side before I took over at the junction.  There I  waited for her to book us in with the Lock Keeper to go up the flight. She had to go right to the top to find him but was given permission to go straight up as there was no one waiting to come down. Part way up the first staircase, a young Canadian over here on holiday, started to help her open the gates and then at the second flight asked if he could operate the paddles. June swiftly handed over the windless and we soon shot up the locks.


So what was June doing while this young man did all the work, why chatting to the Lock Keeper. IMG_6796

On reaching the top June called in the cafe for some more of their delicious Sausage Baps which we ate while filling up with water. I noticed that a boat going down the flight had a Standard Poodle aboard and so I went down the flight after them with Tiana to have a chat. The lady was very helpful as she had had 4 of them and gave me some useful tips on their foibles and habits. I am sure it will help with getting  Tiana into shape.

We decided to moor up at the top of the flight for the night and enjoy the lovely evening.

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