Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Wet day in Long Itchington - Monday 9th September 2013

Today started with light drizzle which the BBC forecast would lift around 1pm. However this did not happen until 2pm when the sun came out and it turned out to be a nice day. By this time we had decided to stay where we were and make an early start tomorrow.
In the morning I had a walk down to  the bottom of Bascot locks and spotted the apples trees by the side of the Staircase locks still loaded with apples but all high up, the lower branches having already been raided.
Later in the afternoon we decided to have another look around Long Itchington, the home of Colecraft Boat Builders , about 6 pubs but only 2 shops, the Co-op and a small independent.
It is reported that Queen Elizabeth 1st stayed in the half timbered house shown in the picture below.
1 long Itchington
It is a nice village with some very old houses and a duck pond which is over a century old with a pub overlooking it called “The Duck on the Pond”
2 The Duck on the Pond

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