Tuesday, 10 September 2013

And so to Warwick–Tuesday 10th September 2013

Made an early start on a lovely bright sunny morning and negotiated the 10 locks from Bascot Staircase to Radford Bottom lock without seeing another boat and having to fill every lock.
At Wood Lock we had to rescue a Moorhen duckling which had got trapped in the lock and separated from its siblings in the pound above.
4 Bascot Radford Locks
We motored on through Leamington meeting a boat moored just before bridge 40 which had got a sheet wrapped around his prop and had spent the last 3 hours trying to free it. We offered our help but he said that he had almost freed it and would be ok. We continued through the bridge hole very carefully but there was no sign of any other obstructions. He passed us later when we were moored up for lunch having taken 4 hours to free the offending sheet.
Just prior to the foot bridge No 42 we spotted the new Morrisons store on the towpath side, just across the road, so we moored up at a convenient stretch of Armco and went to do a shop. I must say that I was very impressed with the layout of the store and the quality of the produce on sale. I particularly liked the steam rising from the salad counter.
3 morrisons
We motored on and moored up for lunch opposite Kate Boats before walking back to the Emscote Rd next to Tesco to catch the G1 bus into Leamington town centre for the girls to have some retail therapy. The bus runs every 7 minutes and we found all the shop assistants in Leamington to be very friendly, polite and helpful.


  1. Salad bar...... Steam?????? I wonder what they taste like :-)

  2. Hi Tom and Jan hope hope that you are enjoying your trip. I think I should have said it was Dry Ice vapour rather than steam. But the appearance was the same. It really looked effective as you walked in the entrance.