Sunday, 8 September 2013

Busy Busy–Saturday 7th September 2013

This morning we made an early exodus from from our overnight mooring in delightful sunshine. We were not the first boat on the move however as we were passed at 6.00 am just as it was getting light and we were having our early morning cup of tea.1Sunny Exedus
We motored the short distance to Hillmorton Locks passing a few more boats on the move and found that the locks were all in our favour. Not only that but a kind gentleman out walking his dog helped June with the first lock and boat came round the corner from the 2nd lock as we were leaving the 1st. The Lock keeper was making an early start as well as he joined us as we were leaving the top lock.
2 hillmorton Locks
As it was only 8.30 am we just pootled along to Hillmorton Wharf to fill up with diesel at 87p/ltr. We arrived just before opening time at 9.00 am but were served by a very friendly chap who is now helping out at the chandlery. He was there a little early as the 2 hire boats were going out that morning.
3 Hillmorton Wharf
The Barby Straight was busy with boats going in both directions and the Barby Moorings Marina is at last looking like a marina with the pontoons in place and several boats moored in it. Looks as though there is still a fair bit of work to be done to get all the amenities in place.
7 Barby Moorings
Near to the prison mooring we spotted Nb. Fair Rosamund selling pottery. I liked his advert on the stern which said
24hr EMERGENCY POTTER. A good eye catcher.
5 The Pottery Boat
Nearer to Braunston we spotted Nb. Barnacle Bill a distinctive styled boat.
6 Barnacle bILL
Braunston was quite quiet and we did not pass another moving boat until we turned off towards Napton and then it became busy again. We spotted Nb Autumn Years moored just after bridge 100 and Graham and Carolann came out to move up a little to enable us to moor behind them on a straight bit of shuttering. We were invited in for coffee and biscuits and a catch up with everything which is happening.
8 Busy moorings
The TV addicts catching up with who is on Strictly Come Dancing whilst I did the washing up!!

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