Thursday, 28 April 2016

Onward to Stoke and Intriguing Animals - Thursday 28th April

I missed this Mile Post by Aston Lock which shows the Mileage to Preston Brook as 46 and to Shardlow as 46 which is the exact half way stage on the Trent and Mersey Canal. Fortunately Carolann spotted it and took this picture


Leaving the mooring we negotiated the four very pretty Meaford Flight of Locks with June at the helm.


Looking back down the locks from the turnover bridge which switches the towpath from one side of the canal to the other.IMG_6911

A couple of Bridges above the locks is the Hundredth Bridge on the Trent and Mersey.IMG_6918

Entering Barlaston with its lovely houses backing on to the canal we came across this one with its own mooring and crane to lift the barrier.IMG_6919

In the garden are a pair of lock gates with sheep crossing the walk way.IMG_6920

As we left Barlaston the Wedgwood Factory comes into view. I am not sure what they make there now if anything but I believe the museum is still open.d1

Approaching  Stoke we spotted these Jackdaws appearing to pluck hair or insects from this cow. She seemed to be enjoying the attention.IMG_6925

At the last but one lock in the Stoke flight we were waved in by a chap in a yellow jacket and it turned out to be “Rob the Lock”. He cycles the canals around Stoke helping boaters through the locks. June appreciated his help as it had just started to rain. Seemed a really nice lad and said that he lived in the flats by the Bottle Kilns further back along the canal. He told us that he will also do washing and ironing as well as shopping for boaters.IMG_6927

As we came out of the top lock we passed the entrance to the Caldon Canal which if I remember correctly used to serve one of our old Gas Works.IMG_6929

The rain started to come down heavily so we decided to stop just after we had passed Nb Priscilla and Nb Sanity Again.

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