Monday, 25 April 2016

Great Haywood - Monday 25th April

I walked Tiana up to Wood End Lock to get it ready whilst June brought the boat up, unfortunately a chap off a boat coming down had not seen us and had just opened the paddle to fill the lock as I arrived so I helped him through whilst June moored up on the lock landing. We were soon through the lock and then helped Autumn Years through as they gates are heavy iron ones and the bottom gates open as the water is let in so need holding shut.

We motored on passed Kings Bromley Marina and on through Armitage where Armitage Shanks make their ceramic toilets which can be seen stacked outside in the yard.

June and Tiana walked through the narrows of the old collapsed Armitage tunnel to make sure that it was clear for us proceed as there is a bend at the southern entrance which means you cannot see through as you approach.

Autumn Years stopped for water at bridge 62 and we carried on to Rugeley to do our shopping at the new Tesco on the side of the canal.

After shopping and lunch we motored on and as we left Rugeley we passed a house with a covered swimming pool alongside the canal. Unusually inside the covered area they had stored a smart BMW Car and Motorcycle a good talking point as your guests swim in the pool.

We crossed the Brindley Aqueduct over the River Trent and motored on passed this field of lovely black lambs.


At bridge 69 we stopped at the Dexter diesel boat to top up our tank with diesel at 55p/ltr. It was very windy and we had great difficulty mooring up to the boat as the wind kept blowing us off and there are no easy places to tie up to.


A little further on is this boat moored outside the Boating Christian Fellowship residence which looks very nice set behind extensive lawns down to the canal.


Spring is the best time for wild life with swans and ducks nesting, woodpeckers calling and drumming and herons like this one fishing just in front of your boat.

Below is one of the many lovely gardens which boarder the canal along this stretch.


We passed by Wolseley Bridge where we used to like to stop to visit the Garden Centre but after our last visit we decided to give it a miss as it is no longer as good as it used to be.

Travelling through Little Haywood there are so delightful houses overlooking the canal, River Trent and with views the other side of the valley of Cannock Chase.

After passing through Colwich Lock we moored up in Great Haywood with great views over to Shugborough Hall.

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