Friday, 22 April 2016

Off at Last - Friday 22nd April



We arrived at the boat late on Thursday and decided to make an early start this morning. Although the cloud was high there was a cool wind blowing from the NE.


Just passed All Oaks wood we came across the first of many young duck families ranging from this very young ones to those who were a few weeks old.

We moored up for lunch at Hawkesbury Junction where there was plenty of room. It seemed just like the old days before the explosion in canal boating. The old Navigation Inn is continuing to be developed as a family home and is looking very imposing. The owners have even added metal features to the walls including this tree on the bridge.


Charity Dock appears to be expanding now that it has featured in Towpath Talk. It always brings a smile to boaters faces and is one of the most well known features of the Coventry Canal.


As we pass through Nuneaton the long length of Allotments are being actively prepared for the growing season.


On the other side of the town the old Granite Quarry is now a lovely new housing estate with houses backing onto the canal.



We moored up near Mancetter a suburb of Atherstone and at the winding hole by bridge 35 is a notice board showing details of Boudicca’s last battle against the Romans which is believed to have taken place on the plane below the Hartshill ridge near to Watling Street, the old Romana road. It is reported that 80,000 Britons were slaughtered with a loss of only 400 Romans.

Shows a photograph of a statue of Boudicca on her chariot. She is holding a whip and the two horses pulling the chariot are rearing up.

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