Sunday, 24 April 2016

Big Surprise at Atherstone Top Lock

After and early morning frost it was a lovely bright sunny morning as we headed for Atherstone where we moored up whilst I went to fetch the paper. As I got back to the boat a single hander moved off to the locks and so we were to travel down behind him. However as we arrived at the lock and began to help him through who should appear but Graham and Carolann. They had set off early and walked up the locks to help us go down. It was like manner from heaven. As it turned out Carolann ended up helping the single hander through the locks and Graham helped us so the we were not held up.  We moored up at the bottom of the locks next to Autumn Years for coffee and stayed for lunch.IMG_6875

After lunch we set off passing Grendon Dock where this old rotting boat was waiting renovation.


We stopped to check out the new Co-op store which has taken over the old Anchor Pub building at Bridge 70 and purchased some provisions. We continued on past Norton Canes new boatyard in the former Hudson basin and down the two Glascote locks mooring up just passed the Tame Aqueduct for the night. Graham and Carolann joined us for dinner.

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