Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Rain Rain - Tuesday 22nd September

Yet again the weathermen got the forecast wrong. Yesterday they said today would be nice but after a good start the rain showers came along, although there were a few nice spells and the evening turned out to be sunny. Anyway before the rain came Tiana and I went to get a paper from the local store and came back via the locks where we came across the Parish Church.  Although the outside needs some attention the inside is quite large and in excellent condition although I gather the roof needs attention. They have a service every Tuesday morning at 8.00am and the parish is one of the largest in the Rugby area extending out to the A5. It will grow of course when the 600 or so houses are built on the old radio station site. The Church was cut off from the main village by the railway over 100 years ago but is still thriving.




During one of the dry spells we decided to set off and it promptly started raining again but we stuck with it and kept going. We were most surprised to see that there was only one boat moored at the popular Onley moorings near the prison. Indeed as we neared Braunston very few boats were moored in the usual popular spots.


At lunchtime we moored up about 1 mile short of the village and as the forecast for the afternoon was dry we decided to walk into Braunston after we had eaten. We had a nice walk in but as we climbed the hill to the Church the clouds rolled in and the rain started and did not stop until we got back to the boat.

We purchased a few items from the village store and a nice cauliflower from the Butchers plus a  steak and kidney pie although this turned out to be a disappointment and not half as good as we get from our butchers in Knowle.

On the way back we called in at the C&RT visitor centre in the old Toll Office which controlled the traffic between the Oxford and the Grand Junction canals. Tiana was a hit with the staff there and received lots of fuss from both the volunteers and full time staff.

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