Monday, 21 September 2015

A Ray of Sunshine–Monday 21st September

After early morning rain we had a brief dry spell so I was able to take Tiana for a walk and buy a paper. Then it turned damp with heavy showers so we decided to stay put and carry out a few jobs on the boat and sort out why I could not get Live Writer to update the blog. The afternoon was spent reading and crafting.

By 4.30pm the sun had come out and it was a completely different day. On a walk back down the canal to Kent Road bridge I noticed the Bull Rushes growing on the offside, they were several metres deep well beyond the canal bank and several hundred metres long right up to the winding hole. They make lovely show.


Whilst the boat was moored in the shade we had a great views over adjacent fields with lovely blue skies all evening.


The Ray of Sunshine is Tiana our latest Guide Dog Pup. She is a black Standard Poodle from outside breeding stock and thus an unknown quantity as far as guiding is concerned. She loves being on the boat and is very well behaved until she spots another dog to play with, so this is an area we are working on. Poodles have completely different traits to Labradors and so we are on a steep learning curve, its seems very strange not to have a dog who gulps the food down but one who eats very daintily.



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  1. Hi Bob and June, sorry to hear about Ecco but it sounds as though she is happy in her new home. Tiana looks lovely, she sounds a bit like Dudley as far as other dogs are concerned, he still would run a mile to play with another dog, look forward to meeting her. Hope you are both keeping well.
    Love Debbie and James xx