Monday, 21 September 2015

Meeting with Ecco–Sunday 20th September

This morning we had a lie after a very hectic few weeks and watched 8 boats go past towards Hillmorton before we set off slowly hoping to be able to dovetail with boats coming down the locks.



We were lucky and the Volunteer Lockie told us that 12 boats had gone up and only 2 had come down, a complete reverse from yesterday.

There was plenty of space above the locks so we moored up and walked back to the Canalchef Bistro at Badsey Wharf for coffee and cake. It is the first time that we have found the time to call here and were amazed at the canal memorabilia which they have on display.




After lunch I took Tiana a walk along the canal to Hillmorton Wharf and up onto the Crick Road where you can catch buses to Northampton or Rugby.

Back on the boat I decided, as it was such a nice day, to polish the starboard side and as I was doing so Sam and Harry arrived with Ecco and Pepper. Ecco was our last Guide Dog Pup who developed a serious blood condition and had to be withdrawn from the scheme. We rehomed her with Sam a couple of weeks ago and we know she is in very good hands. We had a lot of fuss with Ecco but when the time came for her to leave she walked off with them without looking back so we know she is happy with her new family.


Whilst polishing the boat I heard the distinctive sound of a steam powered boat and along came Nb. Laplander


After dinner I walked down the locks with Tiana and met a lovely couple from the USA who were on a boating holiday, they had been to Coventry and were on their way to Warwick.

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