Thursday, 7 May 2015

Long Way to Vote–Thursday 7th May

Ecco woke us up early this morning and whilst we were having breakfast we watched this water vole sneak into the canal through a hole in the Armco and swim along to this vegetation, climb up into it and start to eat it.


We then walked the short distance to the Stafford Road and caught the 8.40am bus to Wolverhampton, then the 9.31am train to Galton Bridge where we picked up the 9.47am train to Olton, and finally another bus to home. Within 2 hours we were enjoying a cup of coffee in our Kitchen as everything had worked like clockwork with hardly a wait between transfers. The main reason for making the trip was to collect medication and sort out hospital appointments but we decided to make it today so that we could vote in the election.

The return trip was much  easier as our neighbour kindly took us to Birmingham International Station where we caught the Glasgow train direct to Wolverhampton and finally the bus back to Cross Green.

The only down side was that Ecco developed a limp during the day and it looks as though she has strained a muscle to she will be on light lead walks for a few days until it clears up.

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