Sunday, 24 May 2015

Camera Shy Dog and Last Locks - Sunday 24th May

Ecco made a friend of the 5 yr. old spaniel on the next boat called Buttons but he was a little camera shy or perhaps besotted with her.IMG_6583

It was as a lovely morning so we set off at 6.30am heading for Braunston. It was slow going to complete the 2.5 miles as there were boats moored almost along the total length. Still it is perhaps the busiest weekend of the year. The picture shows the boats moored between bridge 100 and 101.2

Spotted, the 35 ft long Tug Beeston, which is a replica of a tug built by Yarwoods of Northwich in the 1930`s. It was built by David Harris.IMG_6587

As we neared Braunston the familiar sight of the church and windmill on the hill came into view and then we were turning left under the Horseley Iron Works Bridge onto the North Oxford. We had not seen a boat on the move and everything was still quiet in the village.3

We moored up just outside and had breakfast and waited for Midland Chandlers to open at 10.00am as there were a few things I wanted and there is 15% off this weekend. Ecco and I walked back to get them and as soon as we got back to the boat we were off. Everybody must have woken up at the same time as the canal was just like the M1 with boats going in all directions. When we reached Hillmorton Wharf we stopped for diesel and who shoukld turn up but Nb Lady Hester and Nb. No Can Do from Brinklow Marina. A short chat whilst we hovered in the centre of the canal and we were off to the locks. Boats were coming up at each lock so we had an easy ride down although June thought that the paddles and gates were heavy despite them being the most used locks in the country.


We moored up for the day a short way from the locks and who should pass us but Nb Annie who moor next to us in the marina. Later I took Ecco for a walk up to Clifton upon Dunsmore where there are fine views over Rugby and Brownsover.


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