Thursday, 21 May 2015

Hatton Flight in the sun - Thursday 21st May

This morning we awoke to glorious sunshine and no cold wind, a real treat. We left our mooring with its lovely views over Warwickshire, passing the Old Cock Horse pub which is now being turned into a house. This was where in days gone by, June’s father and grandfather would stop for a beer and hitch on the cock horse to their wagon to take them up the Rowington hill when they took produce from Barford to the markets in Birmingham.1

All along the south bank the fields have been devoted to Christmas Tree growing and they stretch as far as the eye can see. A couple of old wooden working boats are moored around the corner and now the one is aground and full of water, such a shame as last time we passed by I thought that they were being restored. Shrewley Tunnel soon came into view with is separate tunnel for the horses to negotiate slightly higher up the hill.2

As we neared Hatton Top Lock a couple were just about to leave their mooring on Nb. Copredy and asked if they could join us down the flight, great they were the same length as us and a nice boat so we tackled the flight together and made it down in just under 3 hours. Several single and paired boats were coming up so it was nice to have a chat with them. Copredy left us at Saltisford Arm as they wanted to explore Warwick.3

We carried on and did the 2 locks at the Cape of Good Hope Pub and moored up for lunch opposite Kate Boats. A Moorhen had built a nest on the counter of one of the boats next to the rudder and looked very cosy.Later we crossed over the River Avon just before we passed by Guide Dogs Leamington Centre.4

After lunch we motored on but could not stop at Tesco as all available space was taken up so went on to Lidl and then at Morrisons for a few essentials. As we went through Leamington we saw Nb. Isander moored up but nobody was home and so we carried on to moor at a nice spot overlooked by the church at Radford Semele. Later Andy and Rose  moored up behind us and we had a nice evening chatting over a glass of wine.IMG_6550

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