Wednesday, 20 August 2014

New Bridge - 20th August

As we left Bugbrooke this morning we could see this disguised mast partially hidden in an artificial tree, still it looked better than a metal one. There we some nice houses in sunny positions as we motored on and in the distance we could see Nether Heyford on the hill.

1 Mast and houses

At Whilton we came to the bottom lock of 7 up to Norton Junction and passed by Whilton Marina where it seems most of the boats down in London have come from. At the side of the first lock is Whilton Pottery in the lock cottage. As we went up in the lock we could see the water pouring over the bottom gates of the next lock as there are no by-washes on this flight. There are side pounds but again they are no longer used 

2 Wilton marina and pottery

This stretch of the canal shares the same route as the railway, the M1, and the A5 so it is quite noisy, but I am glad we are on the slow canal route rather than with the traffic flashing by on the others. At Buckby Top Lock is the The New Inn with plenty of gongoozlers watching the antics at the lock.

3 railway and mway

In the pound before the top lock are some nice houses with gardens down to the canal. The occupants were enjoying the sun whilst having their lunch in the gardens and watching the world go by. There is also Anchor Cottage Crafts which had a lovely range of Buckby Cans, hand painted by Tricia, and many other canal paraphernalia. Adam assures me that unless they are from Buckby they are just water cans and not Buckby Cans.

5 houses and shop

Norton Junction follows the the top lock from where it is 41.25 miles to Leicester and 4.25 miles to Braunston. The cottage on the junction corner has this old caravan in the garden.

6 junction

The Junction is also home to a C & RT yard and these guys there were making a new oak wood bridge to replace the old one at bridge 1 on the Leicester Section of the GU. and very nice it looed to.

8 new bridge

A few interesting boats seen today. Not sure if the Reckless in the top RH photo is the one Guy had in the TV series.

9 boats

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