Monday, 4 August 2014

A Fast Falcon Surprise - 4th August

This morning we reversed the short distance back to the winding hole above Waltham Town Lock, turned, in order to retrace our steps back to London, and went down to the Sanitary Station where we filled with water. We then carried on to Rammey Marsh Lock where the crew were out in force to help us through and gongoozlers were about photographing boats.

1 The Crew

We reached Enfield lock with a little trepidation, would the pound below be restored to a reasonable depth or would we have another struggle to get through scraping along the bottom. Fortunately the Lockie had done his work and although not back to full depth the pound was deep enough to make it an easy trip.

2 Enfield Lock

Below the lock is the C&RT yard and an arm with some interesting old working boats moored up, including one called Fazeley a canal well known to us. At Picketts lock we noticed the geese at the side with a walk way up to their pen, strange we did not see them when we came up.

3 cart yard

Today we were lucky enough to spot these Peregrin Falcons high up on one of the pylons. It looked like a male and female. June was even luckier as she saw one of them dive to the ground after some prey.

The Peregrine is the largest falcon in the U.K. The male is the size of a crow and is two-thirds the size of the female. The male is known as a Tiercel and the female simply as a Falcon. The Peregrine is one of the world’s fastest birds. In level flight it flies between 40 and 50 m.p.h., but in a dive or stoop it has been recorded at just over 200 m.p.h.

4 Peregrin Falcon

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