Friday, 22 August 2014

Back to Base - 22nd August

Last night we moored just outside Braunston and the spire on the village church is a beacon for all canal boaters as it can be seen from a long way off.

1 Braunston Church

As I walked jimmy along the canal for his morning walk we saw about 100 – 150 swallows sitting on the barbed wire fence and in the hedge row along the towpath. At first they did not move but then all flew off together swooping and diving for insects across the canal, a real spectacle. When I went back with the camera most of them had gone off to another part of the canal with just a few left sitting on the wire.

2 Swallows

Around bridge 70 the canal begins to wind about and here is Autumn Years going in the opposite direction to Autumn Myst but actually ahead of us on the canal. The allotments just before Clifton Wharf were a picture and these apples were the reddest I have ever seen.

3 AY and Apples

One of the unusual boats we have seen today. It belongs to a mobile boat fitter and that is his advertising board on the roof.


Autumn Years stopped for a pump out at Clifton Wharf whilst we waited in the arm entrance and then we both continued on to Rugby where Graham and Carolann managed to squeeze into the last available mooring spot as they have arranged to meet friends tomorrow. We breasted up for a moment to say our farewells after a very exciting and interesting cruise. With sadness on both our parts we motored on back to our base at Brinklow and moored up on our usual pontoon.


Our summer cruise has included travelling down the Oxford Canal, The River Thames, The Paddington Arm, The Regents Canal, The Hertford Union Canal. The River Lee, The Lee Navigation, The Limehouse Cut, and the Tidal Thames.

Miles covered  =  385,    Locks  =  233,    Tunnels = 6,    Moveable Bridges = 5,    Engine Hours =  200.4

Canal Planner says  Miles = 396,  Locks =  238,  Hours = 178

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