Sunday, 22 June 2014

No Wind–Sunday 22nd June

We woke up early to a beautiful sunny and warm morning with no wind blowing across the marina, very unusual for Brinklow. I decided to take the car home and catch the early buses back to the marina, the M6 was very quiet but the 07.15am bus was surprisingly busy for a Sunday morning, as were the other two buses. However, they were all on time and we were met by June as Jimmy and I walked back through All Oaks Wood at about 10.00am.

As we left the marina the canal was busier than we have seen it before, passing 10 boats within the first mile, fortunately all going in the opposite   As we came to the moorings at Cathiron we could not help but notice this vacant mooring spot now occupied by a caravan and lots of children's toys.


We made steady progress through Rugby again passing several boats although there was still plenty of free mooring spots at Newbold and Brownsover. Moored up for lunch just after Bridge 68 and as the weather was so nice decided to stay and enjoy the lovely sunshine sitting on the bank and watching the world go by.


A yellow Labrador came by and decided to play with Jimmy, unfortunately Jimmy is not used to the towpath width and ended up falling backwards into the canal, so we then had a very wet dog. Fortunately he dried very quickly in the warm sunshine.The afternoon proved to be much quieter than the morning in terms of boat movements and when I walked Jimmy up to Hillmorton Locks there were no boats going through at all.IMG_4420

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