Thursday, 26 June 2014

Pigeon Rescue at Banbury Cross - Thursday 29th June

Another lovely morning so it was up and off through Cropredy Lock mooring up at the Wharf just below to top up the water tank. It was then a leisurely cruise to Banbury passing under the M40 at 09.00 and watching all the traffic speeding on their way. Oh how glad we were that we were just doddling  along at 2 mph. No rush as we did not want to get to Banbury too early in case the boats had not moved off and there were no mooring spots. We need not have worried as there was plenty of mooring right in the centre and even tonight there are still plenty of places available.IMG_4466
Having moored up we went off to the shops and the regular Thursday and Saturday Charter Market to stock up our larder with fresh produce and some for the freezer. Having stowed it all aboard we went off to Druckers for lunch and afterwards explored the town walking up to the Cross and Cock Horse.
The rest of the afternoon was spent washing and polishing the side of the boat and enjoying the lovely su. Later I took Jimmy a walk through Spiceball Park and then around Grimsbury Reservoir which is used to supply drinking water to 34,000 customers and provides a home for Banbury Sailing Club. The water is taken by gravity from the River Cherwell and is processed at a plant next to the reservoir.
Whilst June was chatting to our neighbours in the evening she rescued a pigeon who had fallen into the canal. It turned out to be a homing/racing bird and looked in a very sorry state. We took the details from the ring on its leg and checked the internet for how to report finding it. The advice was to keep it secured and feed it bird seed or dry rice/ lentils and water and usually they recover within 24 hours. As the weather forecast is bad for tomorrow and we have to move the next day I reported the details to the Pigeon Website and hopefully we will get a call back before we have to leave with what they want doing with the bird. The pigeon is now in a cardboard box supplied by our neighbours with water and rice and is being kept in the cratch. We just hope he makes a quick recovery.

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