Monday, 23 June 2014

Another Lovely Day on the Cut - Monday 23rd June

Left the mooring and made our way the short distance to Hillmorton Locks where a boat was just coming out of the bottom lock and we had the same luck with the next two making life very easy for a change. We stopped at Hillmorton Wharf for diesel, a paper, and a few odd bits and pieces and motored on past the wide beam which is moored bridge 76 an unusual sight on a narrow canal. Could not resist taking this photo of the lovely garden at Willoughby Wharf.IMG_4422

I always love the approach to Braunston from Hillmorton with its church high above the village houses and the lovely green fields spread out before you.IMG_4423

Turned off onto the Grand Union at Braunston Turn and motored on to Bridge 103 where we moored up next to a willow tree to provide the necessary shade to be able to enjoy a lovely sunny afternoon on the bank.


Late afternoon I walked Jimmy along the canal to Lower Shuckburgh where we went to explore St Peter’s Church. We have passed this attractive church many times but have never stopped to explore the area. It dates back to 1864 and makes a great use of contrasting brickwork.


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