Friday, 2 May 2014

Three Day Break 12th–14th April

After an early game of golf we set off for the marina arriving at about 3pm and after unloading the car and getting the boat ready for travelling we took Jimmy a nice walk. June had been watching the Robbins in the nest outside our back door as they were due to fledge on the Sunday and hoped that they would still be there on our return on Monday.



We stayed in the marina the first night as it was to late to leave after getting the boat ready and airing all the bedding etc.

The next morning we were up early and decided to give the boat a good wash as it was still covered in the Sahara sand from a couple of weeks ago. It was a major job and rather than turn the boat around and do the off side we decided to leave that until we moored up at Newbold when it would be on the towpath side. Had a nice cruise up to Newbold as the off side trees have all been cut back over the winter making it a treat to navigate although the offside is still very shallow through lack of use over the years. Found plenty of mooring and after fetching some milk and bread from the local Co-op decided to wash and polish the roof and side of the boat.

Met some lovely people walking along the towpath who stopped to chat and also Colin off Nb. Col D’ol  who we spent a long time putting the world to rights. If only!!


After lunch we motored on through Rugby/ Brownsover passing Nb Waiouru moored on the towpath side but it did not look as though anybody was at home. Had a nice trip up to the locks at Hillmorton where we winded and moored up for the afternoon near the golf course so that we could wash and polish the other side of the boat. Again we were chatting to a lot of nice people who were out for a walk in the lovely weather. One lady had travelled from Kent on the train to Rugby just to walk along this stretch of the canal. A local lady told us of plans to build 6200 houses on the Rugby radio station sight and later I found a notice on the Kent Road bridge confirming this together with shops, offices and restaurants so it looks as though it will be a complete new village on the site.


The next day me motored on back to the marina with June steering the boat through Newbold and the tunnel, a first for her. It is a shame that most of the tunnel lights are no longer working.


Back at the marina we continued to polish the remainder of the boat and get ready to leave for home.

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