Friday, 2 May 2014

Into Battle at Shackerstone – Monday 28th April

On Jimmy’s early morning walk we found Bosworth Station and this lovely old Traction Engine and trailer in the car park. A short walk up the hill towards Market Bosworth is a Vet Surgery on a housing estate. Having a dog it is always important to note where the local vet is located.

A Steam Engine

Wildlife seems to be in abundance this month with these day old Moorhen chicks and their nest on board a Sea Otter moored at the terminus. The Mallard had taken a fancy to Nb Dfn last night and did not want them to leave this morning so stayed on the roof until the last possible moment.

B Wildlife

We had a good trip, through lovely countryside, up to the terminus where we winded and moored up to have a look around. Chatting to the lady in the Ashby Association shop, after we had bought a gigsaw and S & J a tiller pin from the Bric a Brac shop, she told us that the next section of the canal up to a bridge and winding hole would be put in water by October. The bridge is costing £30k to restore and they have found the original base and much of the brickwork buried under the filled in canal route. There appears to be an old Pumping Station and sections of its beam engine at the terminus being restored.

D Pump House

We then headed back to Shackerstone passing through some lovely wooded areas where June spotted an Owl in the adjacent fields. We seemed to have a very smart boat following us!!


At Shackerstone there are a several boats moored on a lovely field with ponds and much wildlife on it. It looks an idyllic site to moor in the sunshine.

F Shakerstone

We moored up in the village and after lunch had a walk around finding the pub (The Rising Sun, closed on Mondays), the church and some lovely houses. Stephen and I then went to explore the Battlefield Railway but it was all closed up, even though work was being done on the track by contractors, whose lorries had railway wheels in addition to the normal road ones. Every time they moved their horn was automatically sounded.

C Battlefiled Rail

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