Friday, 2 May 2014

Early Start to miss the Rain–Friday 25th April

What a change from yesterday with a cloudy start and coolish breeze. After taking Jimmy a walk we made an early start just after 7am in order to beat the rain forecast later in the morning. As we came to Tusses Bridge we spotted this swan with her nest amongst the many and varied vehicles deposited in the garden. The Cob was busy keeping other birds and us away from her. ( useful General Store a few yards down from the bridge and under the motorway).


The moorings at Hawksbury were as usual full and these Gypsy type horses were tethered for grazing on the grass bank. We were told that the foal had been racing up and down the towpath earlier, evidenced by her droppings.


We stopped briefly at the water point whilst I nipped over the foot bridge to the corner shop for June’s paper

The old Navigation Pub has now been turned into a large private house and work is progressing with its development each time we pass. Looking very nice. Further on Charity Dock seemed to have even more boats moored than ever.

IMG_4330 a

We turned off up the Ashby Canal at Marston Junction and met up with Jayne and Stephen on Nb. Dolce far Niente just before Bridge 3 where we moored up for the day as the forecast rain was just starting. Spent the rest of the day catching up with each others news. In a break in the weather tried to take Jimmy a circular walk using Gypsy lane and the Coventry Canal but the lane was too narrow and busy with traffic for us to safely negotiate so we returned the same way we had gone.

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