Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Usual and Unusual - Monday 19th August

What a difference a couple of days make, as we returned through Hawkesbury Junction the moorings were back to their usual full status on both sides of the stop lock.


When we moored at Hawkesbury on Thursday night we were puzzled as to why a single Swan with her four Signets would allow a Canadian Goose to keep company with them as they swam up and down the canal by the boat. Usually the Swans would not allow them within several yards. As we came back through the Junction the Swan and Signets were on the bank preening themselves with the Goose next to them. We did not see any other Swan with the group and so must assume that it has died and the single Swan has allowed the Goose to take over the second parents role. I have never seen this before and have not found anything on the internet about them living together.


We followed this unusual craft to Ansty where it pulled in for water. It is a steered from the front with a wheel steering system and has a fully enclosed forward cockpit come saloon. It was a new boat and looked very nice inside. Unfortunately I was too busy navigating the boat whilst taking this picture that I did not get its name.


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