Friday, 16 August 2013

How Mighty Oaks have Fallen - All Oaks Wood - Wednesday 14th August 2013

We decided to have a few days away on the boat and after calling in at one of the many Tesco Stores on the marina side of Coventry arrived at the boat in late afternoon. Passing through All Oaks Wood it appears that they are still continuing to thin out the trees and are taking away tons of felled trees. It is now possible to see through to the other side of the wood where before it was so dense that one could barely walk between the mighty oaks. It looks a drastic measure but I am sure that it will benefit the remaining trees allowing them to grow larger and faster with the better access to natural light.
All Oaks Wood
Whilst the woods may be reducing the Bullrushes growing at the entrance to our pontoon are putting on a magnificent show and helping to protect the boat from the prevailing winds.

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