Sunday, 18 August 2013

Back to Marston Junction - Sunday 18th August 2013

Today we had a leisurely cruise back towards Marston Junction where we moored up just after bridge 3 to enjoy the afternoons sunshine. A short walk down to the junction to take some photographs as normally I am too busy to negotiating the blind turns to take a picture.
1 Marston Junction
Looking back up the Ashby Canal towards Bridge No.1, a lovely rural canal.
As we left this morning the Mallard family came to be fed with one less chick than they had last night, now down to 8. We also passed this interesting tufted duck which looked as though it had a carbuncle on its head. We had seen it last night whilst out walking, sitting on its nest with 4 yellow chicks tucked under her wings. The Moorhen chicks would not leave us alone and kept begging for food at the hatch. When not doing that they spent their time preening themselves balanced on Bulrushes.
2 Ducks

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