Friday, 9 September 2016

Quieter Day on the Canal - Friday 9th Sept

This morning we motored on towards Hillmorton and between Falls Bridge and Newbold we came across C & RT excavating an old brick drainage ditch which runs at the bottom of the cutting adjacent to the towpath. It will make a big difference to the dryness of the towpath through the cutting which rarely dries out as it is in the shade nost of the day.IMG_8030

Its a great shame that all the lights have now gone out in Newbold as it was a lovely feature of the North Oxford Canal.A1

Approaching Brownsover you can now look down onto the multi coloured back of the Elliot's Field Shopping complex which always seems very busy with shoppers and is in an ideal location for the passing boaters.IMG_8038

Much to our surprise there was plenty of mooring at Brownsover (Rugby) on both sides even though for some strange reason the Water Tap has been moved from the other side of Masters Bridge and placed in the centre of the mooring on the park side which is always a favourite of boaters. Temporary signs have now been placed in position on the grass to denote the water point mooring.a2

Clifton Wharf was very busy with moored hire boats as it is their main changeover day and on the other side of Bridge 66 it is such a shame to see what used to be beautifully kept and much admired allotments have fallen into disuse and are all overgrown.IMG_8037

Presumably this is because of the ground works which are being undertaken along the stretch of canal up to Hillmorton for the new housing on the old Radio Station site.


The mooring at Hillmorton was almost empty and so we could pick our spot. After lunch the wind picked up and became very strong and gusty with the occasional brief shower.

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