Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Busy Busy Canal–Tuesday 6th Sept

We had a late start this morning leaving the marina at 9.00 am and turned out onto the canal into a line of 4 boats. We thought we were on the M6 as we headed towards All Oaks Wood as so many boats were passing us going in the opposite direction.

At Stretton Stop we negotiated the swing bridge which connects the two parts of Rose Narrow Boats yard and motored down the lines of moored hire and private boats.


The canal from Nettle Hill to Squires Bridge was really murky and smelly, as a result of the boat traffic stirring up the sludge from the bottom. When we had come through on our spring trip the water had been crystal clear. We stopped in Ansty near to the bridge for Zola to spend and were passed in a couple of minutes by two boats.

We continued on under the M69 meeting boats at all the narrow stretches and unsighted bridge holes and moored up for lunch around mid-day. A couple of boats told us that they had had to wait in a long queue at the lock at Hawkesbury Junction so as the weather was nice we decided to stay where we were and pick Blackberry’s for tomorrows crumble.

The afternoon was even busier than the morning and I wondered where everybody who was travelling late would find a place to moor.

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