Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Just for Knitters – Sunday 29th September 2013

Late start today as we did not want to get to Fazeley until people had moved off as we needed to moor there for a couple of day.  Leaving Cudworth Bottom Lock the canal is really over grown with reeds and trees but it gives it almost a river feel.
For most of the journey we followed the nature reserve and could get glimpses of the lakes and hides with twitchers busy with their cameras and telescopes. It was strange therefore to hear gun fire from the lakes near to Fazeley, I would have thought that it would have frightened the wild life off but it did not seem to.
4 Nature reserve
In the distance could be seen the church at Drayton Bassett and a little further on the gothic style foot bridge with its twin towers. There does not appear to be an explanation for its eccentric appearance, but it is unique and always a talking point among boaters.
Reaching Fazeley Junction just after 10.00 am we were able to find two mooring spots and after a quick coffee I caught the No. 110 bus into Birmingham. There is an excellent half hourly service on a Sunday and every 15 minutes during the week. It travels via Sutton Coldfield and has some lovely views over the countryside in the earlier parts of the route.Image0615
As the bus went down the Aston Express way from Spaghetti Junction the Aston Villa Stand and Aston Hall were clearly visible from the top deck. I am afraid the photos are not too good as they were taken with my phone through the bus window.
3 Aston
The bus dropped me off outside Moor Street Station and I was able to catch a train to Solihull with just a 5 minute wait. I collected the car from home as we needed it tomorrow and after a quick chat with our neighbours returned to the boat.  As I was pulling off the drive Joanne arrived with Pru. They were on their way to catch the ferry back to the Isle of White and popped in so that we could see Pru and have our dog fix for the day. Pru made such a big fuss it was just as if she had never left Solihull.
Back at the boat Sharon, Steve, and Millie arrived for afternoon tea and cake and a look around the boat.
2 Sharon Millie and Steve
Later I went to explore what restaurants are in Fazeley and spotted the Parish Hall which has now been adopted as the Town Hall even though the it still has the words Parish Hall carved in the door Head Stone.
Moored through the bridge from us was the Nb. Made of Fibre boat with the website emblazoned on the sides. A quick check on the internet found this which will be of interest to Knitters.
“The Maid of Fibre is the name of our canal boat, the first of its kind, that has been converted into a sanctuary for knitters to come and view yarns from all over the world and explore the fantastic range of natural and blended yarns that we supply.Whilst we travel across England and Wales down inland water ways on board a 60 foot narrow boat, we invite you to come on board for a unique experience and view next season's trends in a tranquil part of the country, outside of the shop, whilst relaxing and enjoying the countryside.” Image0612


  1. We have seen Maid of Fibre on the Middlewich Brranch, but don't think anyone was on board, so didn't get to see inside.

  2. Hi Ian and Karen
    We had the same problem, there did not seem to be anyone at home whilst we were there.
    Great shame it would have been interesting to see what they had to offer.