Saturday, 5 October 2013

End of Autumn Cruise - Saturday 5th October 2013

This morning we had a leisurely walk into Brinklow village to get the Saturday paper and encountered Muntjac Deer and Pheasants as well as a wide range of birds. What we miss when speed along in our cars.
Brinklow has a nice village sign which depicts the many aspects of its history including the Canal, The Tump, Farming, and Church.
The village store includes a post office and the friendly staff will serve you to a range of grocery and pet products.
We returned to the boat and meandered back to our marina passing these cows who had decided the canal would made a good bath.
On the opposite bank on board Nb. Atlas we got our dog fix for the day with this lovely 12 week old Labrador pup.
Unusually this morning there was no wind as we entered the marina making it was easy to moor up to the pontoon. Once settled June cleaned the boat whilst I serviced the engine and took the waste oil to the recycling centre in Rugby.
Our Autumn Cruise had covered 136 Miles, 189 Locks and 4 Drawbridges. 

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