Thursday, 11 October 2012

We know where the Herons have gone

Thursday 11th October

We know where all the herons have gone from the cut. They are all in our garden; our neighbours who have been looking after our fish sent us an email of the pesky birds prowling around our garden pond and so Dave has taken the day patrols and Barb the night duty. Many thanks for your efforts guys.

* Herons in the garden
We bid our farewells once again to Angela, John and Maissie and headed off to Braunston before the forecast rain came. We passed lots of boats moored on this lovely stretch of canal over looking the Warwickshire countryside with great views from miles away of Braunston Church and Windmill high up on the hill.

* Braunston Church and Windmill
We winded at the marina entrance and reversed up a little way to moor behind the Candy Boat which was just setting up its racks of sweet jars and umbrellas to keep the expect rain off them.

* Winding in the Marina Entrance
* The Candy Boat
After coffee we walked up the hill to the shop for a paper and some provisions and then headed off to the Rope and Fender Shop to collect June’s new Tiller Tassel. Inspired by this and John’s speed at making a Turkshead for our tiller I purchased some cotton rope to have a go myself. I think I will save it for the winter nights as we don’t seem to have any time whilst on the boat. 
Returning to the boat we headed off passed the Gongoozlers Rest with its delicious smells wafting across the canal and the old Stop House where the tolls were once collected for boats passing between the Grand Union and Oxford Canals.

* Gongoozlers Rest Café Boat
* The Stop House
Once out in the countryside we moored up for the day at one of the many spots on this stretch of canal.
Later I walked Phoenix back into Braunston to explore the delights of Midland Chandlers shelves and thinking do we need this or that. Fortunately I managed to resist too much temptation and headed back to the boat before the expected heavy rain showers.
We spent the night warm and snug in the boat, Yes Doug you will be pleased to hear that I did light the fire for June when we moored up.

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  1. Glad to hear you are looking after June for me! xx