Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Chance Renamed

Tuesday 9th October
* Napton on the Hill Windmill
This morning we had to bid our farewells to Doug and James on Chance. They have been great company over the last couple of weeks and introduced us to a new way of life on the cut. We will really miss you guys and hopefully we can meet up next year.
It has been so quiet since they left that June said she could hear my stomach rumble and Phoenix has been quite miserable without Doug.

Whilst June washed and polished the boat I helped Chance and Dolce Far Niente up the first 7 locks of the Napton flight as it was a rare opportunity for me to work the locks.  Thanks Jayne and Stephen for letting me help, look forward to meeting you in the future, have a good trip with the boys and keep in touch.

* Dolce Far Niente
Graham and Carolann you really will have to order that new boat!!!!

We think Chance should be renamed:

* Chance Renamed

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  1. Its only a party boat, when June is aboard!!! xx