Thursday, 6 April 2017

Thursday 6th April - The Atherstone Flight

Still feeling pretty rough after a sleepless night we made a later start in cool misty conditions and moored up in an almost deserted Atherstone to go and do some shopping. As we returned a boat was just coming up the last two locks so we quickly packed the produce away and moved off to the top lock. There were several Volunteers on duty and they kindly helped us through the first 5 locks giving us a good start to the flight. At the top lock the Volunteers were operating a Book Swap so a took advantage of it to get myself a couple of new books to read.
We made good progress through the rest of the locks with only one of them against us where we helped a single hander on a Braidbar boat through. June did the locks so that I was able to take it easy for the trip and we moored up little further on for the evening.

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