Monday, 20 April 2015

Cold and Hot - Monday 20th April

We awoke to a hard frost with even the inside of the Houdini frames being frozen. Within a short time a thick mist began to descend across the fields and the canal.


Ecco did not think too much of the cold and mist but with no wind it did not feel as cold as yesterday.


We waited for the mist to lift and then wended our way into Atherstone where we moored near the bridge so that we could walk into the shops to buy some Gayton’s fresh bread from Bates the Butcher and then visit Aldi for some of the basics. We returned to the boat in lovely sunshine and had to strip off our cold weather layers. As we had a cup of coffee a boat went passed and started to go down the locks. We followed on after it.

The last time we were at Atherstone top lock we were able to walk down inside it as C&RT had an open day for people to see the work they were doing on the locks.


This time we were met by two very friendly and helpful volunteers who helped both boats down the first 5 locks where the lead boat stopped for water. We carried onto lock 6, the volunteers seemed to enjoy chatting to June, so accompanied us down to the lock where we thanked them very much and bid our farewells.



June took over the helm for the last 4 locks and we began to meet a few boats coming up so it was nice for me to have a chat instead of being isolated on the tiller. In the long pound we passed this push-butty we have seen all over the system they certainly seem to get about.


We decided to moor up below the last lock and enjoy the afternoon sun sitting on the bank. The boat which normally moors opposite was out so we had a clear view across the fields and were protected from any light breeze by the hedge with a nice wide towpath for Ecco to enjoy.


It was such a warm spot that I am afraid the shorts had to come out and reveal my milk bottle legs!!


Ecco enjoyed being on land and could not resist sticking this feather to her nose like a white moustache.

Later in the afternoon, Liz, Jimmy’s Guide Dog Trainer phoned to say that he had progressed so well that he would be leaving Leamington early and was likely to go Exeter and would we like to go and see him working in harness before he left. So we are looking forward to seeing him guide around the streets of Leamington in the near future.



  1. Glad to hear Jimmy is doing well. Is Ecco another guide dog?

    1. Hi Adam
      Yes Ecco is another Guide Dog (No. 17) she came to us in October because we thought Jimmy would be leaving us then but he did not go into training until February. Have been following your blog and pleased that Heyford Fields did a good job for you. Some people we know had some work done by them and said how good they were. Nice to hear these days.
      Best wishes to you both
      Bob & June and Ecco