Friday, 22 March 2013

Murder in the Snow - Friday 22nd March 2013

We had planned to start our summer cruise this weekend but with the snow and cold winds, together with the Rivers Cherwell, Thames, and Kennet all in flood we have decided to stay put until the weather improves and we know what is happening to the rivers. Will probably spend the time getting the boat sorted out and doing those last minute little jobs which would have been put off until we were on our way.
We can’t believe that this time last year we had decided to head north because of the drought down south and were sitting on the side of the canal drinking G & T’s with Graham and Carolann in temperatures of 25 degrees. But I suppose that is English weather.
June has turned out to be a MURDERER for the third time!
Last weekend we had a Murder Mystery evening on the Siberian Express with a group of our friends and for the third time June has turned out to be the murderess. It is making ne very worried that she may be planning something I don’t know about.

Murder 4
Miss D Meaner and Major Titcher


  1. Great Pictures Guys, are you sure you have Miss D Meaner and Major Titcher the correct way round?

  2. Fine mustache, great knees, I'd ditch the Major!