Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunday 5th August

*Bad Start to the Day

I walked into the bathroom and went to raise the window blind and crash bang I knocked a heavy glass ornament, which I had bought for June’s birthday, off the window ledge and it fell on to the bidet smashing both. June came running in to see what had happened and I am afraid to say the air was a little blue for a while.
It looks as though the house insurance will need to be contacted in the morning.

However things did get better; last night we had a text from Carolanne to say that they had just moored at Droitwich and would be there until Monday if we wanted to see them. We decided coffee with them this morning would be better than fretting over the damage. So I gave them a call and arranged to visit.

Strange how co-incidences happen isn’t it.
This time exactly 12 months ago we took our first trip on Autumn Myst after its launch at Hanbury Wharf and headed down the canal past Hadzor, where my Great, Great Grand father was born on the canal, to moor in Droitwich basin, and here we are sitting on the very same pontoon this year.

John and Jo on Nb Acen are travelling with Autumn Years and they moored next to them so we all enjoyed the morning sun.

* Pontoon Gathering.

Coffee I am afraid went into something a little stronger until the weather changed about 13.15 and we had to quickly go inside the boat until it had eased enough for us to get to the car as June wanted to be home to watch Andy Murray in the tennis final.

We got home just in time for the start having travelled through a heavy storm just outside Droitwich but at home it was still dry.
Great game, a pity he could not emulate it in the mixed doubles but still an exciting game to watch.

* Great Garden Shed

As we left the basin I took a picture of Nb. Alice which is unusual as it has a front butty, which seems a good way of extending your boat without all the hassle. I was told that there only two of this type of butty on the system.

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