Friday, 27 July 2012

Thursday 26th July

Turned 11pm last night Nb JJ passed us with lights blazing into the bedroom, the next morning we passed him moored a mile further on at Braunston, is it really worth the risk of sailing in the dark.

* Braunston Church early in the morning.
Only passed one moving boat on our way to the first lock of the Braunston flight and there were unusually many empty mooring spaces as we crept our way through the sleepy village.
No other boat was in sight so we proceeded to empty the first of six locks all of which were to be against us. At the third lock June found a boat loose across the canal being hauled back by its owner. The local Lockie told her that the pound had been emptied over night stranding 2 boats and snapping the mooring ropes of the third boat. It had taken considerable time to refill the pound so it was a good job we had not left any earlier.
We made good progress through the remaining locks and were soon in Braunston Tunnel where we met a hire boat coming the other way otherwise it was all quiet along a lovely stretch of canal before we turned off at Norton junction onto the Leicester Section of the Grand Union.

* Norton Junction
We soon reached the Watford locks and went to find the Lockie who was half way up at the Staircase locks assisting a couple of boats through. He said that we could start our ascent straight away as no boats were waiting to come down. He helped us through the second and subsequent locks as it was a very quiet day. His assistance was greatly appreciated by June as it was now very hot, although she did say that the paddles were very easy to operate.

* June working the Watford Locks

* Chatting up the Lockie at the Top Lock
We moored up just beyond the Kilsby Road Bridge (No8) so that some friends could come and visit us after lunch.

* Pimms at 3
Sue and Roger duly arrived closely followed by Dennis and Karen. We started the party with ice cold Pimms and ended it drinking Champagne as Den and Karen announced that they were getting married the next day after 25 years of living together. They had kept it quiet, only telling their families that morning as they only wanted a quiet affair. June managed to rustle up some dinner for us all and we continued the combined hen and stag party until dusk.

* The Happy Couple
When our visitor had left I checked the temperature in the boat and it was still 32 deg C.

Friday 27th July

We had a late start this morning and headed through the Crick Tunnel, passed the marina where the annual Crick Boat Show is held and on to Yelvertoft where we filled with water and took a stroll down to the local shop for a paper and some provisions. We had hoped to moor there as my sister and brother in law were bringing my great niece to see us in the afternoon but mooring was only permitted for 1 hour or for water which seem a great pity for the village. However we moved on to moor just after bridge 22 which is on the same road. The
Haddon Road
actually crosses the canal 3 times in under a mile as the canal winds and twists so much.

12 Noon Dennis and Karen are Married at Stratford Registry Office

Lovely Flower Show spottted on way to Crick Tunnel

My sister arrived about 3pm as they had been held up on the A5 as the M1 was blocked in both directions due to an accident. Olivia had a great time waving to the passing boats although she was a little worried about Phoenix who wanted to play with her all the time. Puppy play is a little rougher than how a young girl sees play.
It sun was so hot that we spent most of the time in the boat but later as it cooled down we took Olivia and Phoenix a walk up the canal before they left for home.
After dinner June settled down to watch the Olympic Opening ceremony.

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