Saturday, 7 April 2012

4th April

The day started with rain, sleet and snow so we decided to stay put for the day and catch up on a few jobs on the boat.
We had some bird feeders outside the dinette window and a great time watching the all the different birds. On the opposite bank we were visited by the heron don’t know how kept his balance in the wind.
We had to help rescue two boats who ended up broadside across the canal due to the strong winds.

5th April

The wind had subsided so we set off in high cloud and a cool breeze mooring at Brewood to get provisions from the Co-op and Coopers. The local church was evident early on from the canal.

Moved on to Wheaton Aston where we filled up with diesel and coal unusually from a garage high up at the side of the bridge on the road. They have a long hose which comes down to the boats from their tank at the back of the garage. It is usually the cheapest fuel on the cut at 78.9p per litre.
June then took over the steering and took us to Gnosal where we spotted Nb Balmaha, a Sandhills boat owned by Mo and Ness who had given me a lot of useful advice on having a boat built. We moored up and they came aboard to have a tea, home made biscuits and a chat. They were joined by Graham and Carolann. We then went to have a look at Balamha and noted the usual Sandhills quality. It was great to meet up with fellow owners and put a face to the names we had seen in our email chats.

As it was getting late we decided to stay for the night rather than go on to Norbury as we had planned.

6th April

Left Gnosal and spotted the mooring of Chris and Lorraine, who we met on our maiden voyage, just before bridge 35a. They were on the Llangollen and we hope to see them when they make their return journey down the Shroppie.

June steered the boat to Norbury Junction and negotiated the tight way through the bridge hole with boats moored all over the place.

Travelled on to the 5 Tyrley locks passing some interesting bridges. The locks were very good apart from the last pound which was so shallow at the sides that Graham, who was in front, got grounded as the lock was filled and had to wait for water to come down from the lock above as we came down behind him.

Carried on to Market Drayton passing an interesting old car being renovated alongside the cut (Alex please note). We also came across and interesting boat and somebody had decorated a tree at a winding hole.

We arrived late afternoon and decided to walk into the town and have a look around. Of course we ended up buying things and time was getting on when we passed a couple of girls eating chips, the smell got to June and we had to find the Fish and Chip shop. It looked so inviting we decided to have an early dinner and went in for Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas. It had only just been opened by a young Bulgarian couple and they we very welcoming and we had an excellent meal and great value.
We were so impressed I took a menu and pinned it to the Info Board by the Canal for others to see.

7th April

Thought we were going to have a lazy day today but I was mistaken, first we went shopping to ASDA and then later to Morrisons and then I had to polish the port side of the boat. G and CA came in for tea and cake at 3 pm when we watched the Boat Race fiasco.

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