Saturday, 24 March 2012

Friday 23rd March
Left home at 10.30 am with the car loaded to the gunnels, only just enough room for Carly squashed between the sail bags.
Arrived at Brinklow to be met with a glorious sunny day and most unusually no wind and the Daffodils were blooming forth.
Unloaded the car and put some of our stuff away and then went to meet Dave and Barbara, our next door neighbours, at the Bulls Head for lunch. They joined us for tea and home made biscuits on board afterwards.
Finished putting all our stuff away, don’t think we will find it again. Topped up with diesel and a bag of coal ready for an early start tomorrow.

Nb Chance returned to the marina and we chatted to them for a while. They told us that there were queues at the locks on the Trent and Mersey because everybody was going north. Phoned C & G to suggest that they consider going south again, will decide when we meet up on Tuseday.
Tested the immersion heater on the mains supply, all worked fine.

Saturday 24th March

Awoke to a glorious morning with the sun peeking through a thin layer of mist.
Went in the car to fetch the paper and some provisions we needed from Brinklow village shop, gave Simon a lift as he was just about to walk there to do his shopping.
Left the mooring at 8.45 and immediately encountered about 6 boats as we turned out of the marina and made our way through All Oaks Wood. Thought it was going to be like the height of the season but it must have been just the early starters as the traffic soon calmed down.
Lots of wild life alongside the canal including hares, deer, and many species of birds.

Reached Hawksbury Junction for lunch and enjoyed a glorious sunny day on the bank.
Started cleaning the boat but the side was so hot that the water turned to steam as I put it on, never seen that before even in the summer let alone in March.

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